There’s a new bridge under construction to connect Topsail Island to the mainland.  The new bridge will replace an old one, the iconic Surf City swing bridge, so the question then is what to do with the old bridge.

And according to StarNews Online, one of the ideas being kicked around is to gift the old bridge to the town of Surf City.

Town Manager Larry Bergman said the problem with the “gift” is that it came with significant costs to make the structure safe.

“Relocating the bridge anywhere would require significant superstructure to support it, even if just located on a nearby spoil island or sticking it in a park, etc.,” he said. “There are also significant lead abatement issues that would need to be addressed and then maintained over time. While I don’t have all the details the gift of a bridge would quickly have a cost heading into ($1 million) as I was told.”

Not good.  This is one gift taxpayers should insist the town refuse to accept.