Thanks to Rick Henderson’s research for his Dispatches From the Campaign Trail blog, we know that some Hollywood types who supported Democrat Clay Aiken in his unsuccessful run against Republican Renee Ellmers are upset. Here’s why.

Actor-producer Steven Tyler organized a Los Angeles fundraiser for Aiken’s campaign, and when he found out about the project he sent the singer a letter saying he felt “duped.”

“I am sorry for the loss on your bid for Congress, but apparently you had yourself covered with a reality TV show deal the entire time, just in case you didn’t win,” Tyler wrote. “I cannot speak for the NC Voters or contributors, but I can speak for myself and many of your Los Angeles supporters when I say we feel duped, taken advantage of and lied to.”

Tyler added that “had the LA donors known you would personally benefit from their donations and appearance at the event — they would not have donated to your campaign,” Variety reported.

Uh oh.