Nothing like the Israel-Lebanon-Syria-Hezbollah-Hamas conflict taking place in the Middle East.  The UN and many world powers would have you believe that conflicts should be resolved peacefully, and that the best way to contain violence is to preserve the status quo by shaking hands and playing nice – like kids in a sandbox.  But as Daren Bakst says in the American Enterprise online, Israel is reacting to Hezbollah just as any other country that has been attacked would. Claims of “disproportional force” are misguided and propagated by a media that doesn’t understand (or refuses to understand) that the world is at war with terrorism. The media have, as Richard Wagner says in the Dunn Daily Record, “failed the public by forgoing investigative reporting of the Web of Terrorism that has ensnared cities, universities, nonprofit organizations, and businesses across America.” In short, they’re operating under their own agenda, swapping inconvenient facts for invented truths.