In his weekly College Football Review, a conservative blogger and NC State fan known as “the Hammer” raises an interesting possibility:

Whichever team wins the ACC Championship game, and it could very well be Carolina, has a guaranteed spot in the four team playoff and a shot at the NCAA Championship! Clemson by virtue of their #1 ranking and undefeated season, UNC by virtue of their knocking off #1 and their one loss season. If the North Carolina Tar Heels win and is one of those playoff teams, if Carolina and not Clemson takes a spot from the traditional powers, and remember they’ll be half a dozen very pissed off teams who think THEY deserve inclusion, then my friends the Heels with all their high powered New York lawyers and all their money will be drowned by the tsunami of investigations that will descend on the lovely Chapel Hill campus. You cannot pull the illegal [stuff] Carolina has pulled, up to and including running a bogus department with bogus classes for 18 LONG YEARS, and then turn around and take (for instance) Oklahoma’s place in the playoff and not expect retribution! The traditional powers in college football would put so much pressure on the NCAA, Carolina would think the Russians have invaded. There would be no more foot-dragging, no more delays, no more breaks. Sanctions would be devastating and swift. People would go to prison. Forget football, a Tar Heel victory over Clemson next Saturday would spell the end of Carolina basketball for potentially twenty years! If a pissing contest ensues between football and basketball football will win by a mile every time because THAT’S WHERE THE MONEY IS! North Carolina has put themselves in the unique position of winning it all in a sport they don’t care that much about at the cost of losing it all in a sport they think they own. Saturday’s game is the biggest game in the history of UNC athletics. Therefore I say….GO HEELS!