Just released Sunday night to members of the House Finance Committee, the finance portion of the 2015-17 budget.  A quick review shows extension of renewable energy credits, historic restoration credits, fees, taxes and a few more things. Check here and check Carolina Journal tomorrow and though the day for updates. We expect the Finance Committee to meet Monday at 5:00, Appropriations will meet Tuesday to consider the budget, take a dip in Pensions and Reform before going to the House for a vote later this week.  To get you started, here’s a quick rundown of the Finance package released late Sunday:

  1. Late fee on vehicle registration and property hauling vehicles.
  2. Fees for certificate of relief, tickets to boxing events, hazardous materials, license tags, DMV, car titles, passenger vehicle registration.
  3. Additional fees for autopsy and med examiners, rules and fees for adult day care overnight respite facilities. Medicaid provider fees.
  4. Changes to Setoff Debt Collection Act to improve the State’s collection of debts (taxes, fees/fines, etc)
  5. Additional fees for inspections on ice cream and cheese makers.
  6. Sets new regulatory fees for Utility Commission.
  7. Dynamic pricing for admission, parking and activity fees at zoo, parks and aquariums.
  8. Drug manufacturers will pay more registration and license fees.
  9. 2/3 Bonds for capital projects at AppState, NCSU, WakeForest, UNCC, [email protected] training facility.
  10. As of Jan 1, 2016, sets gas tax at .36 for diesel, .33 for other motor fuels. Gas tax formula based on population/CPI kicks in 1/2017 on motor fuel.
  11. Work based experience pilot program at one high school [email protected]
  12. Finance plan extends sales tax exemption for motorsports, data center, service contracts on aircraft. ?#specialCarveOuts
  13. Tax credits extended/ reinstated for renewable energy, historic restoration, R&D, seniors for med expenses
  14. 2 yr extension of tax credit for solar; 4 yr extension for swine/poultry. #BadDealForTaxpayers
  15. Effective date for most? July 1, 2015 – start of new fiscal year.