Locker Roomies may have noticed some changes over at the main JLF web site. We?ve redesigned the site to make it more attractive and user-friendly ? and to beef up the original content. Check out our new ?Free Market Minute? feature, which will usually be penned by one of our resident economists, Dr. Karen Palasek. You will also notice more prominent buttons to take you to our related sites, be they the JLF-Charlotte site (which you?ll want to visit today to read Jeff Taylor?s latest piece on the use and misuse of HOV lanes on new highways) or the other regionally oriented subsites we?ll be introducting before too long for Triangle, Triad, Eastern NC, and Western NC readers.

Starting within a few weeks, there will also be some changes in the flow of things around here. We?ll be asking readers to register for portions of our web sites ? it?ll be free and painless, I promise you. The reason is that registration will help us customize the web experience for each reader and to collect important information to make our work more relevant and successful.

As usual, we?ve open to suggestions and comments. Any biting or derisive criticisms should be devoted solely to Summer Hood, naturally.