I’m just curious as to what’s the purpose of it.

That’s what Representative Tim Moffitt told the local daily while discussing the confab Asheville City Council will have with a couple legislators tomorrow. The topic of discussion, according to what council members said publicly, is to make sure they are living up to Moffitt’s expectations of negotiating in good faith about the fate of the water system, now owned by Asheville. Whereas Moffitt may see the meeting as a dorky exercise, not worthy of him cancelling previously scheduled legislative meetings in Raleigh; Asheville fans see Moffitt as keeping the upper hand by allowing the city to maintain oversight of the water system only if its representatives engage in negotiations his absence prevents.

So much for the big cheeses. Down here in the peanut gallery, we see no progress, no point. We’ve been going over the same issues for twenty years at least; only the excuses have changed. Think of all the troubled teenagers our leaders could have counseled in the time they spend fretting over this Sisyphean excuse for leadership. Any more, news of a new water meeting causes a quote from musician Walter Becker to bound in the void between my ears:

We’ve answered that so many times that it’s impossible to answer it again.