Too many of them agree with Louisa Thomas, who laments in the latest Newsweek that the president hasn?t done enough to bind them to the federal government:

Obama’s younger supporters are not angry so much as disappointed. During his campaign he mobilized a generation that had been distinguished by apathy, but he has not capitalized on the energy, desire, and will of all those people who came to Washington to witness his oath of office, or who talked?as my friend and I did that day?about connecting their ambitions to the public good. Instead, we have become spectators to the appalling sideshow that is Congress. We are cynical because the health-care debate seems to have been conducted with as much seriousness as the Tonight Show imbroglio. We want to serve but don’t know how.

Here?s a thought: Why not avoid the government and provide a service (or good) that people actually want? In other words, practice capitalism.