Last week I talked about how a “greenway is never just a greenway.” The Rhino’s John Hammer is disappointed that Greensboro’s downtown greenway is, well, just a greenway:

If the Downtown Greenway is going to consist of a wider sidewalk, a few trees and a bush or two, is that really the best Greensboro can do for around $10 million? This is a chance to be bold, a chance for the city to do something that will make a difference. The Greenway is a bicentennial project. Don’t we want something that future generations will look back on and agree that what was done made Greensboro better? It is just hard to imagine that having a sidewalk that is wider than usual is going to really impress anyone in 2058, or at the tercentennial in 2108.

I agree with Hammer’s point about the on-ramps to Morrow Boulevard. When I first moved to Greensboro and was still feeling my way around the city, I got on the Murrow on-ramp and thought it would really be taking me somewhere. I got off and thought to myself, ‘This is it?’