Hood’s Daily Journal today explains why paying off the unemployment insurance debt to the federal government was such a good idea. It really was the beginning of the historic comprehensive reforms that are working to revive and strengthen NC’s economy – getting people back to work and enjoying the freedoms that economic prosperity brings.  Not to mention a payroll tax cut of $280M in 2016 and likely $700M and another likely $270M in 2017 totaling $550M for job creators across North Carolina.

Its the result of tough decisions and bold leadership. So who do we need to thank?  Even before he was inaugurated, Gov McCrory was pushing for repayment of the $2.8B debt.  Representatives Howard, Starnes, Warren and Setzer introduced House bill 4 within a week of the 2013 legislative session.  It was the second law that Governor McCroy signed into law.  The bill passed 78-41 with 4 democrats joining most republican to vote yes; and 3 republicans joining the majority of democrats to vote no. See who they are here.  The bill passed the Senate 36-13 along straight party lines, as you can see here.

The rest, as they say, is history. And the beginning of the Carolina Comeback.