Libertarians are often accused of being anarchists because they do not see the value in pretending to follow volumes of arbitrary nitnoids. In fact, it is libertarians’ respect for the rule of law that breaks those too honest to pretend with the masses to “have read and understood” internally-inconsistent blather. “Just sign here.”

Well, today, we have two articles that address appropriate applications of power. In Hendersonville, there is a trailer park that is falling apart. Bill Moss reports:

This is life in Alpine Woods Resort, where necessities like running water and heat either don’t exist or cost extra. The dust, noise, and crime are free.

City Manager John Connet elaborated:

After spending five minutes ticking off problems with crime, sanitation, endangered children and lack of basics like water and heat, Connet paused and said, “Want me to keep going?”

The city is now investigating what it can do to get people to safer and more sanitary places as opposed to applying what Connet referred to as “the nuclear option.”

Another is a report from Asheville’s highly-respected Fire Chief Scott Burnette. He spoke to leaders in Boone about the death of veteran firefighter Jeff Bowen. Bowen died from smoke inhalation suppressing an act of arson. Nine other firefighters were injured. Burnette didn’t like the answers federal investigations provided, finding nothing they could use to make the department better, so the AFD conducted its own investigation. This resulted in a 500-page report. Normally, I would view this as requiring people to set aside discretion and go down a checklist impossible to memorize and never 100% appropriate for whatever is going to come next. Instead, I look at this as addressing something much legislation does not: saving lives.