Since progressives believe that objects commit crime, not people, then they must be outraged over the fact that Americans can buy an ax whenever they want to.

Then, Levine began to demolish the inside of the store with the ax before he walked outside and smashed the restaurant’s plate glass windows.

According to police, Levine raised his ax at the first officer to arrive at the scene. The officer drew his weapon and ordered Levine to drop the ax. Levine refused, and officers used a stun gun to subdue him.


What about those  terrible stores that sell axes to anyone who walks in – just to make a profit they don’t need? Shouldn’t the government do something about this? Shouldn’t there be mandatory locks on every ax? Or a limit to how many a person can buy?

Now, in case you are thinking the above argument is ridiculous – and I hope that’s exactly what you’re thinking – then it is just as misguided to adopt these policies when it comes to firearms. Or cars. Or airplanes. Or knives. Etc.