The Durham City Council today basked in PC glory as they decided that asking illegals if they are illegal is just, well, not a feel-good thing to do. New Police Chief Jose Lopez Sr. concurred. While they’re feeling all warm and fuzzy, though, they should think about the consequences of this slippery slope they’ve sent us careening down.

Take Roma, Tex., for instance. Mexican kids are crossing the border there each day to get educated in American schools at taxpayers’ expense, and then they head back home every night. Why is this happening?

School administrators say they can’t ask if a student is a legal U.S. citizen.

A few years ago people would have been aghast that American taxpayers were paying to educate illegal aliens. Then some legislator thought it would be a good idea for them to get in-state tuition. Then someone decided that you couldn’t be a civilized, compassionate person if you asked someone’s immigration status. Next we decided that legal immigrants and illegal immigrants are all the same, and to criticize illegal immigration was racist, nativist, xenophobic and who knows what all.

And now we’ve decided that since we’ve got them and they can’t speak English, we need to use the Mexican school curriculum to educate them (how’s that for assimilation?). Next we’ll decide that it’s just the right thing to do to educate the children of another country at our citizens’ expense, and that our teachers need to speak Spanish to make them feel welcome to America.

The advocates at City Hall today said they were satisfied with the police asking about immigration status when someone is arrested or is involved in a criminal investigation. But that’s just for now. Once you’re headed down the slippery slope, it’s hard to stop.