Yet another government report states the obvious: kids aren’t getting enough exercise. While I think PE during the school day is a good idea, parents are the key. When I was a kid, the neighborhood parents forced us all outside to play. We had an area of the street we blocked off for four square and tug-of-war;  neighbors knew to drive slowly when the kids were out. My front yard was ground zero for volleyball. Across the street we played a tag-like game called Spud. We played hopscotch on the sidewalk. We rode bikes to school. So why are so many of today’s parents letting their kids vegetate on the couch and/or remain continually hunched over cell phones and game controllers? Yes, today more families have both adults working outside the home and time at home is scarce, but it’s a question of priorities. And that is no different today than it was 30 years ago. When you cede responsibility to others — in this case school officials — you’re not likely to be pleased with the outcome.