WFAE has an interesting article out on the changing nature of Charlotte’s local art scene. If you think of NoDa as where it’s located, you’re behind the times:

Back in 2006, NoDa had eight galleries. Today, there’s just one. Organized gallery crawls have given way to disorganized pub crawls.

There’s a good reason for that, says Joe Kuhlmann. He heads the NoDa Business Council.

“The cost of retail space and everything just kind of made it where the business model of an art gallery became more difficult.”

The financial crisis of 2008 had plenty to do with that, but Kuhlmann says there are other factors. The more popular NoDa became, the more real estate prices rose. Gallery owners found themselves priced out of the neighborhood.

“The retail space and the cost of those spaces—you know, just wall space—cost a lot of money,” Kuhlmann says.

Been saying that for awhile. And yes, Charlotte’s music scene is very vulnerable to the same phenomenon. You can read the WFAE here.