Interesting letter to the editor in today’s Charlotte Observer:

Will we be lucky a third time?

If Lincoln had not been elected would there be a United States?

If FDR had not been elected would the fascists be ruling half the world?

Will the election of 2020 be looked back on as one of those profound forks in the road?

Greg Finnican, Charlotte

It’s a moot point now, but here’s what the country would look like if we took the Bernie Sanders fork in the road. Interesting that Sanders cites FDR, “who, in the 1930s and 40s, understood that in a truly free society, economic rights must be considered human rights. Based on the policies he’s put forth during his (thank goodness) two unsuccessful presidential runs, I’d say Sanders has no idea what a “truly free society” is. And “Uncle Joe” Biden supporters can talk all they want about how he’s a moderate, but I don’t believe it for a second. We are indeed at the fork in the road, and we’d be there coronavirus or not.