Mainstream media reaction to recent comments from President Trump prompts a response from Scott Greer at the Daily Caller.

President Trump used the opportunity of two public speeches last week to highlight the brutality of the MS-13 gang.

What the president described was barbaric — but, according to many liberal pundits and activists, what was more barbaric was Trump mentioning the crimes themselves.

“Ppl talk about the ‘southern strategy’ but it’s Trump’s channeling of the racial politics of the post-Jim Crow *north* that makes him potent,” MSNBC host Chris Hayes tweeted in response to Trump’s speech before police officers in New York. …

… It stands to reason that if a Democrat, particularly one from the Hispanic communities on which MS-13 preys, had said what Trump told about the gang, no one would have had a problem with it. But since it was Trump and it was connected with his immigration policies, it was considered a racist dogwhistle to recall the grisly crimes of murderous thugs.

The primary reason for this sentiment is because Trump ties MS-13 with the problem of illegal immigration. To liberals, illegal immigrants are good people just coming here to do jobs Americans won’t do and make our country a better place. In their telling, they commit far less crime than our lazy citizens and are an absolute positive for the nation.

The large number of illegal immigrants who compose MS-13 undermines that vision. Thus, liberals get upset and shriek racism when Trump or other Republicans talk about the gang.