Nick Arama writes for about the Biden administration’s responses to two recent murders believed to have been committed by illegal aliens.

We’ve seen some horrible cases in the news lately of murders allegedly committed by illegal aliens, including the case of 37-year-old mother of five, Rachel Morin, and that of 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray. 

In the case of Morin, the suspect reportedly “illegally snuck into the US three times in two months and was booted — before apparently eluding agents on his fourth try.” 

In the case of Jocelyn Nungaray, two illegal aliens from Venezuela were arrested in her strangulation murder, although you might not have known that they were illegal aliens if you just read the AP account, since the AP didn’t include that. 

Naturally, this has caused yet another backlash against Joe Biden because of his failure to secure the border for the past three-plus years. …

… He then denied there was a problem until this January, when suddenly the narrative changed on a dime. Then, the story became: Biden was always trying to solve the problem, but it was the Republicans who didn’t want to resolve it. It was Trump who was standing in the way. That was farcical nonsense, since that was one of the main concerns of Trump’s presidency. 

The White House has now issued statements regarding both the Morin and Nungaray murders. But the statements are just so pro forma and brief. If the White House was trying to do the bare minimum, this is what it would look like. …

… Someone plugged in the same format and changed the names, but the two last paragraphs are essentially the same. …

… Could you put any less effort into it and show how little you care? 

Of course, nowhere in there is any recognition of responsibility for breaking the border and creating the problem of letting these illegal aliens in. That would require actual concern and desire to protect Americans. That is sadly absent with Joe Biden as we see from these vacant statements, which aren’t even presented as coming from him.