Georgi Boorman explains at the Federalist website how the concept of “white privilege” aligns well with socialist policy prescriptions.

[N]eo-Marxism divides the world between oppressor and oppressed and identifies a system, or systems, by which the oppression takes place. In classical Marxism, the oppressed were the proletariat, the oppressors were the bourgeoisie, and the system of oppression was capitalism. The Marxist framework has been adapted to categorize and pit against each other various group identities, all toward the end of establishing socialism.

In gender, for instance, the oppressors are heterosexuals, the oppressed LGBTQ+, and the system of oppression is “heteronormativity.” In race, whites are oppressors, people of color the oppressed, and “white supremacy” is the system of oppression. …

… Neo-Marxists are asking for a fundamental shift in our frame of mind, and ultimately, society. [Sociologist Peggy] McIntosh sees meritocracy as more than problematic. It’s actually a “myth,” because some “doors are open to certain people through no virtues of their own.”

The existence of “unearned” opportunities or wealth is seen as such a severe critique of our system it warrants a disbelief in an idea foundational to the American dream: that we can rise or fall based on our own hard work, talent, intelligence, or other individual merits. Put another way, McIntosh encourages us to reject the idea that outcome is primarily determined by individual inputs (like work ethic, cooperation, and intelligence) largely unaffiliated with race.

For some neo-Marxist thinkers, overthrowing capitalism is the only way to end racial oppression, as they see it.