Headline in Leonard Pitts’ column appearing in today’s Greensboro News & Record:

Foresight or hindlsight and regret: The choice is yours

I honestly thought this was going to be column about how those who voted for Trump in 2016 were supposed to exorcise their regret and by doing the right thing in 2020 and voting against him. I was wrong–Pitts merely was offering some advice to ensure your vote is counted. For example:

1. Check periodically with election officials in your state to make sure you’re properly registered and that your name has not been purged. “We know these lists are flawed. So it’s really important to double check and make sure that you haven’t been wiped off the list erroneously.”

2. If you’ve moved, “Alert election officials just to give them your new address.”

3. “Make sure that your polling place is where you think it is. Georgia, for instance, is continuing to shut down polling places. So whereas you may have always gone to Southside Church to vote, Southside Church may not be the place anymore. They may have moved it five miles away from you.”

In other words, exercise some personal responsibility. What a concept.