One of my pet peeves about the policy debate is that social conservatives are routinely told to be quiet — even by other conservatives. The irony of this situation is that staying quiet about cultural values and issues is exactly why our culture has declined so badly. There is very little today that carries stigma or for which most people are willing to make a judgment of right and wrong. One of the people who, thankfully, won’t stay quiet is former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who now leads EchoLight Studios. The company’s mission is to produce movies for families of faith.  Here’s some of what Santorum recently told an audience at the Family Leadership Summit. 

“Who’s raising your children? Who’s creating the moral imagination for the future of our country?” Santorum asked.

He reminded the audience that traditionally, family members, civic leaders and church communities used to be the ones telling the stories.

Santorum quoted the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, reminding the audience that he once said, “Give me the storytellers and I will control the nation and a generation.”

Excellent food for thought.