Psychoanalyzing candidate sign placement is a waste of time, but fun anyway. Driving between Asheville and Brevard, it appears the NCDOT is the most confused, as it endorses just about every candidate. Many owners of vacant lots are supporting about four candidates in the 11th District Congressional race. Occasionally, people with multiple signs on their property will prefer to lay one in the grass so it is only visible to pedestrians, while the others are visible to motorists.

Then, there is sign vandalism. Oddly, my mind has been bounced around enough, I don’t know if I am to conclude the sign has a bad message, the people who oppose the message lack class, the people who put up the sign want voters to think the people who oppose the message lack class, . . . . If the process is continued to infinity, the probability of the proponents and opponents being the perps equals out, so the vandalism served no purpose.