Maddening news from the Federal Times. Huge numbers of federal workers — whose salaries are paid for with tax money — don’t pay their taxes.

The number of federal employees who were delinquent on their taxes increased sharply in 2011, according to IRS statistics.

As of September 2011, 107,658 feds were behind on their taxes — nearly 10 percent higher than the 98,291 feds who were tax-delinquent in 2010.

The rate of tax delinquency also increased, from 3.3 percent of the workforce in 2010 to 3.6 percent in 2012.

This story would be infuriating any day of the year. But, since I have just signed my tax returns and I have seen in big, bold numbers how big of a chunk of my family’s earnings is confiscated by the federal and state governments, it is simply maddening.