Cool story in the Journal of American Transportation about a key milestone reach by our Wilmington port facility, which helps expands the state’s ability to trade in the global marketplace.

North Carolina Ports continues to expand its role as a global supply chain gateway by welcoming its first shipment of banana imports from Central America this week. These initial refrigerated shipments from Guatemala signal the start of a yearlong program commitment of weekly banana imports via the Port of Wilmington.

“Today’s shipments mean fresh fruits will reach consumers faster and cheaper,” said Hans Bean, VP, Trade Development, NC Ports. “This represents major progress in our ability to service North Carolina’s significant grocery sector, several of which are having their headquarters and perishable distribution centers in NC.”

Upon arrival at the Port of Wilmington, the bananas will be trucked to distribution centers across the Carolinas. With expanding port coverage across the many ocean carriers now calling Wilmington, suppliers can tailor orders to deliver more often, closer to their customers and closer to actual market demand.

In other words, we’re a player.