I’m perusing the staff reports for the Buncombe County Commissioners’ next meeting. I can’t say I’m reading them, because reading insinuates some level of comprehension, and it’s not happening. We have a bunch of grants, and I really don’t know what the going rate for increments in support is, or whether the programs are delivering ballpark. Then, we have some revised bylaws for the EDC. We’re given the new copy rather than an old and new to review side-by-side or a version with red type and strikethroughs. Short of doing an online search and hoping it returns the latest prior revision, one cannot tell if the changes are moving in a better direction.

Most importantly, we have a request for economic development incentives for Hi-Wire Brewing. Of course this is a no-brainer. “Subsidized beer is prosperity,” is a tautology prerequisite to Logic 101. But in case you can’t feel the energy, you can see the bright, colorful bar and pie charts of economic multipliers. Look at that big purple thing! Scientists say! “This is exciting!” said someone no doubt. If that is too technical for you, don’t worry your pretty little head. The deal is already done. On the agenda is a mere formality to let the public see just how important beer energy is to positivizing our economy.