There have been a lot of explanations of why those who voted for Brexit voted the way they did, none of them are very flattering. But they all tend to fall under one or more of three categories: xenophobia or racism related to a distrust and fear of immigrants, ignorance and lack of understanding of the real issues involved, and insincerity, i.e. it was simply a protest vote and the voters didn’t really want Britain to leave the EU. In other words to take a position in favor of Brexit, and of course against the ruling classes in both Europe and the United States, is to be either evil, stupid, or short sighted. The idea that someone could have voted for Brexit and be intelligent and well informed, is not a racist, and sincerely believes that exit from the EU makes good political and economic sense, is not a possibility. Of course this arrogant attitude says much more about those doing the explaining than it does about those whose actions are being explained.