I can follow a lot of rationalizations, but the definition of womanhood in terms of getting taxpayer dollars to kill babies has always eluded me. To rehash, I deem medical procedures, like amputation and triple bypass, tolerable in extenuating circumstances. We do not create special interest groups to make these surgeries casual and hip.

That said, the Carolina Public Press is complaining about abortion clinics being made to uphold the same standards of other health clinics in the state. It was, they probably accurately claim, a political coup. One problem was that, after operating seven years without inspection, legislators thought it was high time. Another problem is the legislators appear to have been doing some kind of due diligence, inquiring into the inspection histories of clinics across the state. If this sounds weird to you, go back and read it in an expressive nasal tone, spitting on your words as you go.

Following the unrighteous inspection at Asheville’s Femcare:

[Owner Dr. Lorraine Cummings] had ordered some new medical equipment to replace items found to be deficient, scheduled a fire drill, hired a contractor to maintain plumbing and medical gas lines, and directed a staffer to to update the clinic’s infection control plan, among other measures, she wrote.

Perhaps it is my pighead bias that prevents me from seeing why abortion clinics can’t be allowed to give tax-free coat-hanger abortions. If state inspections are good for one medical thingy, they are good for all. At least I can agree with faulting state leadership for playing PR games.

[ED NOTE: The Mountain Xpress directed me to this article.]