Pres. Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate, as egregious and tyrannical an edict as anything ever leveled against his own fellow citizens by an American president, and coming on the same day as his spokeperson praised the Taliban as “businesslike and professional,” predictably avoided any consideration whatsoever of all the Americans who have natural immunity from a prior Covid-19 infection.

It’s not just an oversight, it’s dangerous. I wrote for the American Institute for Economic Research in a piece entitled “Stronger, More Robust Natural Immunity Thwarts Any Case for ‘Vaccine Passports‘” that

A growing body of research is making it increasingly clear that natural immunity to Covid-19 owing to previous infection is stronger, more durable, and broader than vaccine-induced immunity.

The piece links to several studies and also discusses research into the effects of the vaccine on the survivors of prior infections — a question lacking from all of the vaccine trials so far.

As I write:

These findings stand in stark contrast to the case for “vaccine passports,” the euphemism for depersoning anyone who hasn’t taken a vaccine against Covid-19. … Again and again, these tyrannical edicts make no allowances for people with natural immunity. Should the people behind them get credit for caring, for trying to further public health? Their defense, after all, is that they’re trying to pressure people to do what’s good for them; e.g., the White House considers vaccine mandates “the right lever at the right time.”

How much goodwill shall we ascribe to them amid such pointless, callous behavior? The person turned away at the schoolhouse door, the person denied critical medical care, the person not allowed in your restaurant, the person forbidden from fleeing to a freer state — that person without a vaccination card could very well carry a stronger immune response against the virus than the card-carrying elite allowed to participate in your Unbrave New World.

Oh, but the response is, unlike with the vaccinated, it’s hard to know who has recovered from previous infection. Right, and that fact undercuts the case for “vaccine passports” as well. Let me explain how.

Read the piece to find out.