Where does this (1, 2) lead . . . ?

The USDA is giving out loans for a wide range of agricultural endeavors. They are also trying to enroll farmers in the Livestock Indemnity Program. The long and the short of it is, The Wee People can’t so much as plant a seed or raise a cow but by the grace of the commander and chief. I was assured by a swift response that the interest rates on the loans were fixed; but suppose some catastrophic event – like a new regulation – were to jeopardize many small farmers across the country. I is-pose the federal government through some agency or its crony would be in first-position on the loan. Wow, just think of all the land the government would get – and, wow, just think of all the garbage the Founders fed us about land being essential to freedom. Perhaps our visioneers, when soliciting buy-in for their community plans, need to be asking whether we prefer to be serfs or slaves.