My husband likes to wander up and down the aisles of Home Depot looking at all the amazing products, but it’s Walmart for me. Last week I came away with a bag of staples that saved me about $5. That’s why I love Walmart, and it’s why Walmart is such an important factor in our economy. This store helps families stretch the dollar with low priced, quality products. But the other reason I love Walmart is because it is an economic driver and consistent job creator. And now, a new Walmart is on its way to Chatham County.

The Walmart will bring 250 to 300 jobs to the county, which had a 7.3 percent unemployment rate in June, said Dianne Reid, president of Chatham County Economic Development Corp., a county-funded nonprofit that promotes Chatham as a place to do business.

Anthony Soto, Walmart market manager, said the majority of jobs will be full time with benefits.


Walmart is also key to Orange County, according to Steve Brantley, the county’s economic development director.

The Walmart in Hillsborough is “the (county’s) single largest generator of retail sales tax,” he added.


Despite the facts, the Walmart haters keep on hating.