In case you don’t know yourself why you hate Hillary Clinton, Pittsboro resident and fellow Wellesley grad Mary Roodkowsky sheds some light:

Hillary Haters, out in force this summer, are spurring their coreligionists to greater vociferousness. But why is Hillary Hatred so intense, so committed, so sure of itself?

It’s because Hillary isn’t feminine or womanly, at least not in traditional ways. She doesn’t emote much publicly, she’s not spontaneous, she’s not touchy-feely. In short, she’s not vulnerable. And this is terrifying.

Women are emotional. Mothers are nurturers. Being a real woman means being spontaneous and responsive. Hillary doesn’t fit these stereotypes, and so she’s not a proper woman. This outrages many Americans, of both sexes.

To this day—I’m showing my age here— the main reason why I hate despise loathe don’t support Ms. Clinton is the White House travel office scandal when she ‘sicced the FBI’ on a loyal, nonpartisan employee to cover up her and her husband’s cronysim.

Raise your hand if you remember that one.