As you peruse the list of “primary dealers’ given access to Federal Reserve cash, consider that inside dope on the Bank of America-Merrill Lynch shotgun marriage may yet drop.

But you know what? Even if it does I do not think it matters. I do not think there could possibly be any sort of smoking gun that threatens or unhinges what the feds and the banks have done since Q2 of 2008. I think that because they have more or less done it in plain sight and no one much cares.

Just like CRVA honcho Tim Newman telling WBT’s Keith Larson the other day that, yes, there are two sets of books for the NASCAR Hall of Fame, one for the public, one for NASCAR and other favored insiders. Fallout from that? Crickets.

Or the startling revelation that a secret CMPD SWAT team evidence database exists and the secrecy screwed up the first-degree murder prosecution of a violent repeat offender. Yawn.

Even the Panthers — Ev Brown refuses to lie for the team, exposes the fact that one of team’s highest paid players — CB Chris Gamble — bolted practice, was benched because of it, and then the team lied about the situation — and somehow Brown’s motivation gets questioned.

What a crazy, upside-down world — and town — we live in.