Yet more whining from people who park illegally in Chapel Hill and then have their vehicles towed, which costs them $150 to $250 to get them back. Last week the town’s attempt to put price controls and draconian regulations on towing services was struck down by Judge Orlando Hudson. 

The Town Council will now consider whether to appeal the judge’s ruling – it has 30 days, Stark said – or try revising its rules.

Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt said the town looked at area towing fees when it raised the towing fee from $100 to $125. Charging $250 is “outrageous,” he said.

But he’s more concerned the judge’s ruling removes the town’s regulatory power and leaves pricing and other policies to the free market.

“It’s not a market scenario,” he said, because people getting towed are not buying anything. “It’s not selling widgets.”

I’d like to know what other services the mayor believes are not part of “a market scenario” and should simply be subject to a council vote to decide pricing and product/service specifications. That would be a fascinating list.