You tell me.

We know DNC 2012 is the Uptown passion of the moment. Uptown must get the convention in much the same way that Uptown had to have the NASCAR Hall of Fame. What did Tim Newman and crew do to win that booby prize? Invent a 800,000 visitor target out of thin air while offering to shift the Super Bowl of stock car racing — the then Nextel Cup All-Star Challenge — to any France Family approved track.

Getting the Westin hotel, the city of Charlotte subsidized official convention center hotel, to unionize its workforce should be a relative snap then. After all, precisely the same thing happened in Denver in 2008 to a Hyatt Regency hotel as more or less a quid pro quo for the DNC setting up shop there.

Now the outlines of similar deal in Charlotte can be seen in reports which claim the DNC field has narrowed to labor-favorite St. Louis and the Queen City. We’ve said all along that Charlotte would be asked to “prove” its labor-worthiness to the DNC when compared to its only logical rival in St. Louis — now it appears that the proof might have to take the form of sudden UNITE HERE hotel in the business capital of a right-to-work state.

Bonus Disconnect: Cannot wait for all the local Republican office holders — state and local division — who are so willing to scream “The unions are coming! The unions are coming!” at the drop of a hat to stand by mute, or even offer up excuses, as to why having an arm of local government drive the unionization of a business is a great and wonderful thing. Similarly the Rent Seekers Guild.