The John Locke Foundation has released the latest Civitas Poll showing that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is likely to beat Pres. Joe Biden in a 2024 matchup. There are also lots of other political revelations, including what voters think on some upcoming bills that would amend the state constitution and Pres. Biden’s approval numbers.

The 2024 election cycle is fast approaching and, though this is a cliché, it could be one of the most important within the last several years. With the rise of China and its growing nuclear arsenal and relationship with Russia, in addition to the negative effects of overly aggressive climate change policies that weaken the energy and infrastructure sector, there’s a lot riding on 2024.

So, what are North Carolinians thinking in terms of the next president and other pressing matters?

The latest Civitas Poll shares some interesting insights. 

When asked how residents intend on voting, North Carolinians stated that 51.7% plan on voting in person, 39.3% day of and 9% will vote absentee by mail. Given a John Locke Foundation report about some of the issues with absentee voting, that most plan on voting in person in some way is a good result.  

The concerns about the future of the country remain strong, with 69% believing the country is on the wrong track while 22% believe it is on the right one. In March 2021, the answers were closer together. The distance seems to indicate that the divisions in the country are becoming stronger.

Some of this can be attributable to Biden, who’s policies and government agenda many believe has resulted in a rise in inflation, other economic woes and global instability. His approval rating stands at 37%, with a disapproval of 56%. The disapproval rate has been about the same since August 2022, so this could negatively impact his chances in the 2024 election.

In a matchup between Pres. Biden and one of the leading contenders Republican Gov. DeSantis, who has not thrown his hat into the ring just yet, the Florida politician leads by a slim 43.6% over Biden’s 41% among likely voters. Undecided remains at 15%. 

A rematch between Pres. Biden and former Pres. Donald Trump sees Biden pulling out ahead at 45.4% over the real estate moguls 43.4%. 

On the issue of voter ID, 68.3% of North Carolinians agree with the statement: “Every person that votes in-person in North Carolina should present photo identification before voting.”

Climate change also remains an important issue for a quarter of all voters.

Finally, respondents got to share their thoughts on a couple of amendments being considered in the legislature. 

The poll revealed that 54.4% of voters support an amendment to the state constitution that would make right to live and right to vote, meaning that employees are not forced into unions. 

There is also support for a Taxpayer Protection Amendment by 56.7% of voters, that “would limit the growth of State spending to inflation plus population growth, require yearly deposits in a Savings Reserve or Unfunded Liability Reserve, return excess revenue to taxpayers, and submit tax increases to a vote of the people.” 

The Literacy Test Amendment, which would remove the voting literacy test requirement, doesn’t have broad support, with only 41.8% voting in favor. 

On the issue of the Citizen Voting Amendment, with 70.8% in support of ensuring that only American citizens can vote in elections.

The last amendment being considered is the Property Condemnation Amendment, which would “prohibit condemnation of private property except for a public use and to provide for the payment of just compensation with right of trial by jury in all condemnation cases.”

The poll was conducted with 605 likely general election voters.