Just came across a recent McClatchy story on she who is in Congress and has a most extensive collection of fashionable hats and whether any Charlotte Democrats might challenge her for reelection. And it seems that former state Sen. Malcolm Graham is indeed considering it. Can he win in a head-to-head contest again Alma Adams? Well, let’s just say that he’ll have to run a much better campaign than he did last year, when he got trounced by the Hat Lady. From my election recap:

Alma Adams won outright the Democratic nomination for the 12th Congressional District with 44 percent of the vote. The Hat Lady was the obvious frontrunner but her getting over the 40 percent threshold wasn’t expected. This district was suppose to favor a candidate from Charlotte, not Greensboro. What happened is that Adams dominated in Guilford (where she got 72 percent of votes cast) and Forsyth (68 percent of votes cast) counties and did well enough in Mecklenburg County (17 percent of votes cast). Marcus Brandon, the other Triad-area candidate, was largely a non-factor.
The various candidates from Charlotte were also non-factors and absolutely, positively did a sad job of getting out the vote here. Statewide, turnout was 15.7 percent. In Guilford and Forsyth counties it was about 15 percent. In Mecklenburg County, turnout was a massive 9.6 percent. And that’s why Adams and Brandon combined to get a majority of the vote though a majority of voters in the district live in Mecklenburg County.

Bonus 12th Congressional District sadness: Malcolm Graham, who finished second overall to Adams, got 3.3 percent of votes cast in Guilford County.