That is the question posed by Twitter user J. Wesley Fricks III. The photo posted on his Twitter feed (and below) speaks volumes.

Curiously, neither the publisher nor the editors of the News & Observer have commented on their publication’s use of plastic bags.  Letters to the editor asking them to clarify their position, such as the one sent to them by Raleigh resident Joey Stansbury below, have gone unpublished.  Mr. Stansbury writes,

Regarding your editorial “Raleigh should ban, or charge for plastic bags,” I think this is a fantastic idea. I also think the News & Observer should lead by example. Each morning I walk to my driveway and pick up my News & Observer – in a plastic bag. Starting next week, you should raise your price per paper by 10 cents and donate the extra revenue for stream restoration or litter clean-up. Likewise the News & Observer should set a six month timeline to completely eliminate using plastic bags for paper delivery. As you say people will not be pleased, but “very pleased.” Don’t wait for a government mandate. Let’s get started now!

It is almost as if N&O management are trying to avoid the issue altogether.

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