Kevin Williamson‘s latest column at National Review Online offers an alternative view to those who believe Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has no chance to win the 2016 presidential election.

It is March of 2015. It is foolish to be offering statements that are not merely confident but purportedly definitive regarding who is not going to win the 2016 presidential election. This is especially true given that — and this cannot be emphasized strongly enough — we have no flippin’ idea who is going to be running in that election. Yes, there are Democrats who would vote for a dead mackerel over Ted Cruz (though that candidate is currently on the ballot in Chicago) just as there are conservatives such as myself who would prefer to see an ounce of petrified navel lint elected president with the ghost of my late dachshund, Schmitty, as his veep than endure another president from the party of this guy. But Lint-Schmitty voters do not settle elections on our own. Cruz vs. Clinton? Who knows? Cruz vs. Warren? Brings a smile to the face. Cruz vs. O’Malley? If you’ve never seen Republicans skipping en masse, that might be your chance. …

… Cruz is great. Rand Paul is great. Scott Walker is great. Bobby Jindal is great. Rick by-God Perry is great. Jeb Bush . . . was a really, really fine governor. We have primary elections for a reason, and these are some big boys (and girls? What says Governor Martinez? Governor Fallin? Governor Haley? Governor . . . ?) who are more than capable of inflicting upon themselves whatever savage and perverse ritual combat Republican-primary voters demand, with the last man standing demanding of the conclave in Cleveland: “Are you not entertained?”

Should be a hoot.