Endorsements by the paper of record in North Carolina’s fourth-largest city matter, right?

For president, the Winston-Salem Journal endorses Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary and—wait for it—-John Kasich in the Republican primary:

In Ohio, he’s led his state in an economic comeback, working hard to make sure his constituents from all walks of life are part of that rejuvenation. He has run a sensible, civil presidential campaign, always taking the high road, delighting in the Americans he’s met along the way, sharing hugs and hopes and his pragmatic plans for the future.

This is a man who could lead from Day One. He represents the best of America: The belief that if we work hard enough, together, we will prevail and rise together.

On the Democratic side, we’re not wild about Clinton. We believe she must be a lot more transparent, especially on the issues of her emails as secretary of state. We’re uncomfortable with her coziness with Wall Street. But she is far more qualified than her opponent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

In the governor’s race, the Journal endorses incumbent Gov. Pat McCrory in the Republican primary. In the Democratic primary, the Journal goes with —wait for it again—-Durham attorney and former state representative Ken Spaulding over Attorney General Roy Cooper:

Cooper, the favorite of his party, has done a decent job in his post, is a generally good administrator and knows well the state’s other top executives. But we contend that Spaulding, albeit the clear underdog in this fight, is the most qualified. He would bring a fresh and determined approach to the job.

A graduate of Howard University and the University of North Carolina School of Law, Spaulding’s early internships include one with the state attorney general’s office. He effectively served in the state House of Representatives in the early 1980s. There, he was chairman of the Black Caucus. He pushed literacy efforts across the state and legislation that stood up for rape victims. In the years since, he has stood up for Durham police officers on pay issues, served on the state Board of Transportation and worked hard for economic development.

His legal background would serve him well in tackling the complex legal issues that daily face our state, especially in bettering our criminal justice system.

Spaulding tells the N&O there is an “establishment wing of insider Democrats” in Raleigh who decide whose turn it is to run for office and that approach has led to a string of defeats and a fractured party. Funny I thought it was gerrymandered districts.