In a Winston-Salem Journal op-ed, Mayor Allen Joines and the City Council plea for federal funds to help the city get through the coronavirus pandemic:

In March, the federal government passed the first of three and a half packages of coronavirus relief legislation. While the aid and assistance have been considerable, there has been no direct aid provided to the majority of cities, towns and villages. During the pandemic, communities have depended on their cities to continue to provide essential services, even while cities’ finances are beginning to buckle under the strain of plummeting revenues. Without relief, the choices required of local leaders will impact directly the quality of life for residents.

Through the National League of Cities, cities, towns and villages are calling for $500 billion of direct federal aid and economic relief over the next two years to support communities on the frontline of America’s response to COVID-19. Federal relief — more importantly federal investment — for America’s cities can save lives. Without investment in local governments, especially cities, our nation’s communities will be less safe, less healthy and less prosperous.

Axios has the big picture—but the bottom line is Congress is still negotiating.