City Council member Dan Besse has proposed a resolution that would make Winston-Salem a ‘welcoming city’ —as opposed to a ‘sanctuary city’—-for illegal immigrants:

Besse said his resolution would put the city on record as opposing any measure that would “target populations within our diverse community for legal scrutiny,” and that the city “recognizes that our whole community is safer when victims and witnesses of domestic violence and criminal activity feel safe in contacting our police for assistance without fear regarding their immigration status.”

The resolution goes on to says that “the current national environment of excessive fear and suspicion directed by some toward immigrants, refugees and other newcomers” calls for cities like Winston-Salem to reaffirm that they welcome everyone who comes “for a peaceful new beginning, including escaping war, disaster or persecution abroad.”

Interesting to note that—according to the Journal, opponents of welcoming or sanctuary city status outnumbered advocates during the City Council’s general government committee meeting. That said, one of the proponents of making W-S a sanctuary city still claimed that opponents did not represent the majority. Too bad the meeting discussing welcoming city status was not held today, when proponents are supposedly not working due to the National General Strike.