Winston-Salem Journal reports the City Council “is set” to put a $122 million bond referendum on the November ballot. Details below, along with a graph comparing proposed expenditures to the $139 million bond referendum passed in 2014.

*Redevelopment efforts along Liberty Street ($2.5 million) and commercial redevelopment in blighted areas ($2 million).

*Neighborhood revitalization ($10 million) and targeted efforts in the East Ward ($1.7 million).

*A new radio system for public safety communications ($9 million) and a public safety training complex ($3.5 million).

*Construction of a new fire station and renovations to an existing one on North Liberty Street ($8.6 million).

*Construction of the second phase improvements at Winston Lake ($5.3 million), Salem Lake ($3.7 million), Quarry Park ($3.1 million) and
*Hanes Park ($2 million) as well as the Washington Park improvements previously mentioned.

*Polo Road improvements ($3.7 million), conversion of Liberty and Main streets to two-way traffic ($3.6 million), conversion of First and Second streets to two-way traffic ($2.8 million), Business 40 enhancements ($3.8 million) and the multi-use path beside Business 40 ($2.3 million).