Chris Queen writes at about problems generated by the woke.

Wokeness seeks to destroy everything that is great about America and aims to remake this nation in a way that upends capitalism, individual freedom, the family, and Judeo-Christian values. The woke movement seeks to replace absolute truth with an ever-changing concept of “truth” that changes with the whims and moods of every individual.

We never see someone who is just “a little bit woke.” Wokeness is something one must devote all of oneself to — all or nothing. It becomes an identity and a lifestyle for the person who commits himself or herself to wokeness, much like a new convert to a religion.

Wokeness itself is a religion. It replaces God with political and cultural crusades, but unlike our Judeo-Christian heritage, this new religion of wokeness is missing one key thing: grace.

A little note here: I’m not saying that all leftists are wokes. I do know people of faith whose various political positions fall on the left. They’re still faithful people, even if I disagree with them and think that their ideas are misguided. In this article, I’m referring to people who have fallen whole hog for the woke ideology.

Let’s talk a little bit about grace (bear with me as we do some Bible study). The concept of grace is key to both Judaism and Christianity. …

… In addition to God’s grace, there’s the grace that we’re supposed to show each other. Putting others first, treating them better than ourselves, and giving people the benefit of the doubt are human examples of grace.

Okay, now that we’ve established (somewhat rudimentarily) what grace looks like from a Judeo-Christan perspective, let’s explore how wokeness exhibits none of the grace that a Judeo-Christian America has always sought to display. …

… For them, there is nothing beyond this life on earth, so they must create a paradise in the here and now. Everything that they see as wrong must be made right with ultimate urgency. That’s why the wokes want to enact such sweeping, fast change to American society.