Editors at Issues and Insights discuss recent revelations involving President Biden.

Two weeks after President Joe Biden acknowledged the existence of his seventh grandchild, he admitted that the Inflation Reduction Act was false advertising – both of which everybody knew already. Fresh signs of dementia? Perhaps. But it leads us to wonder what else will Biden confess. We have some suggestions. …

… We fear such a list would be too long for this space. But how about we start with:

Afghanistan was a disaster of Biden’s making: Nobody denies this, except Biden. The specter of that failure came up again when families of the 13 service members who died in the suicide attack at the Kabul airport testified before a congressional forum in California last week in what has been described as a heart-wrenching event.

Bidenomics is failing: Everybody knows it, which is why Biden’s approval rating on his handling of the economy is getting awfully close to single digits. Yet he’s too busy bragging about the wonders of his economic policies to notice.

He knew all about Hunter’s business dealings: Even with the corporate media blackout in place, facts are slowly emerging that despite his repeated denials Biden knew plenty about Hunter’s shady business dealings and almost certainly traded his position as then-vice president to enrich his family.

He is not fit to be president: The only person who seems to believe that Joe Biden is physically and mentally up to the job of the presidency is Joe Biden. Everyone else, including those who work in the White House and especially those “journalists” who cover Biden, know full well that he’s barely able to function.

Kamala Harris is not fit to be vice president: Biden’s reelection campaign recently described Harris as a “powerful and effective messenger.” Sure. Like when she says “As the name suggests, community banks are in the community.”