For a lifetime Woody Allen, despite his limited box office appeal, has been indulged by studios with broad creative freedom (if not budgetary freedom) and widespread critical acclaim, whether earned or not. Many of the world’s greatest actors have worked for him for peanuts. He just enjoyed the release of his most popular work in years, “Match Point.”

But he’s bummed about his age. Why? For one reason, he’s too old to chase skirts.

“Once you get up in years, like seventies, there’s nothing good about it. The dynamite women you see on the street, that world is gone to you.

“You know, it’s inappropriate,” he mutters, as though he’s about to think better of discussing this. “One of the great pastimes of my life was eyeing girls in short skirts, and that’s gone. They’re unavailable to you, and in the few cases where you could work your magic, it’s to no practical avail because you can’t plan a future if you’re 70 and she’s 22. So your flirtation life goes, which is a big part of everybody’s enjoyment in life.”

Explains a lot about that Soon-Yi Previn thing. And there’s more godlessness, deep depression and hopelessness in this Washington Post interview.