Lindalyn Kakadelis met this week with advocates of school choice in Stokes County and addressed the faculty at Greensboro Academy, a K-8 charter school in Guilford County. She also was interviewed for an upcoming issue of The Friedman Report from the Friedman Foundation, which advocates for choice and reform. The article will focus on NCEA’s efforts to expand school choice in North Carolina. Late in the week Kakadelis traveled to Orlando for a conference of the Education Leaders Council. In addition to Kakadelis’ work, NCEA advisory board member Tom Shuford helped spread the word about choice this week when his article on immigration and schools was published on Education In it, he included information on Gaston College Prep and a link to the October Carolina Journal in which the school is featured. Gaston Prep also is showcased in the new NCEA charter school report, which is being distributed by Kakadelis to civic groups.