Interesting little blurb from WBTV.

WBTV has learned that teachers at West Charlotte High School are not showing up for work.

For the past three Monday’s West Charlotte High School has averaged 21 teachers absences. Other schools such as Harding only averaged five.

BT goes on to speculate that teachers are missing work in order to find other work in anticipation of getting fired for being bad teachers. Guess that is kinda a good news-bad news thing.

The key, of course, is that Peter Gorman and CMS start unloading some bad teachers before worrying too much about moving the good ones around the district. The truly interesting thing is that, based on stats from earlier in the year, West Charlotte has a fairly experienced teaching staff.

If they have, in fact, been allowed to skate along for years with the Ed Center ignoring their poor performance, some change, even some sick-outs, might not be a bad thing.