Nelda Holder is keeping a watchful eye on state legislators this special session. She posted a list of items to be considered. Of particular interest are the ones that will increase the number of high-ranking education administrators and increase the likelihood that they can be palsy-walsies with holders of high office. Copying from Nelda:

HB 641 (Education Governance Amendment): Increases the size and composition of the State Board of Education; changes include replacing the lieutenant governor as a board member with the president of the Senate, and adding three members appointed by the House and three members appointed by the Senate. WNC primary sponsor, Guice.

HB 823 (Governance of Dept. of Public Instruction): Makes the superintendent of public instruction a member of the State Board of Education and requires the superintendent to make all state-level appointments necessary; adds at-large member to the board and requires all at-large appointments be made by legislature; requires governor to appoint chair. WNC co-sponsor: Rep. Moffitt.