It’s just the same bitter old wine in a new, somewhat less ugly bottle. Read the editorial here.

I’ve sent a letter in response advocating that before any such legislation is enacted, the Constitution should be amended. Article I, Section 8, which sets forth the powers of Congress, says nothing about laws on health care. Now, it’s true that in a series of New Deal era decisions, the Supreme Court nearly annihilated the idea that there are any limits on congressional power. Nevertheless, if politicians like Senator Clinton think they have good ideas, they ought first to take their case to the nation, seeking an amendment that would expressly include authority to enact any mandates, prohibitions, taxes, or other laws regarding health and medical care for citizens. Only after such an amendment should Congress tackle the details of anything like HillaryCare.

Remembering the demise of the so-called Equal Rights Amendment, the proponents of socialized health care won’t want to seek an amendment, but I’d like to see how they dodge the idea if asked.