The Wall Street Journal weighs in on the latest telltale failure of ObamaCare: no income verification for subsidies. Just say you’re income makes you eligible for somebody else to pay the insurance tab, and voila! You’re in, no questions asked.

In other words, anyone can receive subsidies tied to income without judging the income they declare against the income data the Internal Revenue Service collects. This change has nothing to do with the employer mandate, even tangentially. HHS is disowning eligibility quality control because pre-clearance is “not feasible” as a result of “operational barriers” and “a large amount of systems development on both the state and federal side, which cannot occur in time for October 1, 2013.”

Welcome to the new scam.

Now that they are discovering how difficult it is to remake one-sixth of the U.S. economy, they are rewriting the law as they go and telling Americans they have no choice but to live with the consequences.